Fundraise for us!

Donating and volunteering is great, but we also really appreciate it when people fundraise for us. Why not combine something you love doing, with raising some money to transform the lives of those at risk of homelessness in your community?

But what can I do…?

Go on a sponsored cycle ride, host a pub quiz for your mates, get people to sponsor you to shave your beard off, organise a coffee morning, run a bake sale, clean cars in exchange for donations, have a fancy-dress day in the office, start a swear jar, the list is endless. Go have some fun with your friends or colleagues whilst raising money for a brilliant local cause!

Here are some top tips for fundraising:

  1. JustGiving

It’s really quick and easy to set up an online fundraising page to kickstart your fundraising. JustGiving allows you to create your own web page. People can then donate, leave you a supportive message, and all donations, including any Gift Aid, automatically get sent to Delighted Mankind. Hassle free fundraising. Just click here to start.

  1. Tell people how their donations will help

By raising money for Delighted Mankind you’re making a huge difference to the people in your community. There are an ever-increasing number of families who can’t afford their rent and can’t get into social housing, young people who have no choice but to move out of their family homes with nowhere else to go, and those who have gone through personal tragedy and lost their home. When they have no-one else to turn to, they turn to us, and we help them to find somewhere warm and safe to stay. That’s why your support, and the support of those donating to you, matters so much.

  1. Set a fundraising target

A target can be really motivating, not only for you, but also your supporters. They might donate just that little bit extra if they know it’s going to get you to 100%!

  1. Ask for support

Your family, friends and colleagues will really appreciate a personalised ask for support, so let them know you’re fundraising. You should also share something on social media to tell everyone that you’re helping us. If you mention us in your post (links to our socials are on the main page), you’ll get a big thank-you and we’ll promote your event as well!

  1. Have fun!

Above all, have some fun. Everything you do, every £1 you raise, saves lives and supports some of the most vulnerable people in your community – you’re amazing. Thank-you!