‘Delighted Mankind’ is for the homeless people. At the most basic level, we will provide them uncontaminated food and water supplies, clothing and shelter. We will provide them the support of getting good healthcare services. We will also provide them the support in getting vocational training and education so that the homeless receive encouragement, empowerment and confidence for going to work and achieve self-sufficiency. We will educate the community at large about the realities of homelessness.

Our initial goal is to bring in homeless people found in London City to our shelter center. We will begin by bringing three homeless people each month. This will equate to 36 homeless people under our charity in the first year. We hope to continue this trend for five years. After five years it is our hope to move other into major cities such as England and Walsh.

As soon as homeless people are brought to our shelter center, we will provide them uncontaminated food, clean water and safe sanitation. We will also offer support for getting ‘adequate healthcare’ and ‘vocational training and education’ which will be provided at no cost.

Finally, we aspire to eventually get them to the point of independence. This would include the clients being able to work and support themselves.